It all started, as far as I remember, with my parents bringing me on the bike. While watching the likes of the brothers Schleck on TV and recreating their iconic celebrations, I started having fun and showing interest in cycling. Starting my “career” on the MTB it was all about having fun before joining my first club, LP07 Schifflange. Here I was able to enjoy a great teaching on how to handle my bike as well as doing my first races in youth categories before moving on to my next club VV Tooltime Préizerdaul. A few years later then I joined a newly founded CT Atertdaul. Along this years I made a lot of good friends and memories. After enjoying youth categories in these local clubs I got the chance to join Leopard Pro Cycling a luxembourgish-based continental team giving me the opportunity to make the next step in my career.


Starting my “professional career” in a rather disappointing manner, being out for a few months because of an ACL-tear, made it hard to perform well in my first year U23. Second year U23 was also pretty stressful as I was doing my last year in school at that point, having a lot of exams until the beginning of summer. End of summer the first “big results” started coming, giving me a lot of confidence (maybe a bit too much) for 2023. Also the third year U23 was not perfect being bothered by some minor setbacks that held me back to perform on my best level. Nonetheless, after 3 years of developing with the Leopard-team, I get the chance to join the development team of LIDL-TREK for 2024!



To be continued…..